The Secret Love Life of the Urban Leopard is a wildlife mockumentary which follows an underground community throughout their everyday life in Berlin. Their uniform is leopard print and they totally rock it. They are the urban leopards, endangered and fabulous. The movie is narrated like a real wildlife film and will introduce the lifestyle, sexual and eating habits, and camouflage skills of it’s leopard printed heroes.

 Under the funny and fashionable surface there is the poignance of being an outsider to a social structure which is based on inhumanity and greed, instead of (leopard)love.

Based on my experiences as an “Ausländer” (foreigner) in the German Hauptstadt for ten years, The Urban Leopard tells the story of a city and a lifestyle which would be impossible anywhere else. A city that has a magnetic pull for people who don't belong and where leopard print is totally in. A film about the sweet and the dark side of migrating to Deutschland to start over and mend a broken leopard heart.”

The film speaks for and about people, who normally don’t have a voice, and whose existence doesn’t seem to matter.  Their survival is threatened even in Berlin.

The Secret Love Life of the          Urban Leopard
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