In the summer of 2014, after my funeral performance I felt an urge to go deeper, go further through my physicality into the unknown. There was a strong desire to open my skin and see my own blood.

I decided to try body suspension (the act of suspending the human body from hooks pierced through the skin).


It proved to be a powerful experience and it soon turned into a passion, and a tool for my art.

At the moment I practice it monthly in a private setting and created three performances, giving it context and a personal point of view.


What interests me in a performance using this practice is the gap between what people see and what my body and I experience.


Most people see the pain and blood and become afraid or repulsed. But in truth the body produces endorphins, dopamine, and adrenalin as a natural anesthetic so after a  few minutes the pain is gone and the body experiences an extreme lightness, the joy of “flying” and the mind reaches a state of meditative trance. That trance brings freedom and opens up the deepest and darkest chambers of the mind, therefore offers a possibility to meet my shadows and know that I am strong enough to face them.


This trance and freedom and intensity is what I would like to show to my audience. My wish is not to shock or scare. My wish is to show that the mind and body is capable of a lot more than what we normally trust.

Pain as a term is normally considered as something negative; but there is good pain, pain which deepens perception. Good pain is the very intensity of life.


Every time your skin gets pierced your mind burns up a bridge. You are deeper in the woods and there is no way back.


Photography by Andrea Linss, Uwe Bernhardt. Ale in Wonderland

Stef Bloch

Balazs Somorjai

Roger Rosell


Hooks and needles: Beto Rea




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