After the ritual performance of my own death and funeral I decided to create a merrier event and focusing on my rebirth.

The show started with bondage foreplay, after which the audience could enter the G Point Room through a large vagina sculpture which represented a symbol of life and birth.

They received a hug at the “entrance”, continuing with massage by naked people inside of the sculpture.

The place was divided into two rooms, the bright and the dark side of the pussy.

There were installations, visual art and physical performances by invited artists on both sides.

First the public could enter the bright side, and later on the dark side attacked from their room so the audience merged into vaginal darkness.


At the end of the night we all came together for a ritualistic procession of me pulling the large pussy attached to my back through flesh hooks.




The Great Vagina Show was shown in Plateau Gallery in Greenhouse Berlin, on the 20th November, 2014.


The sculpture was made by Eva Schumy and Edward McCaughan/buzzwordoverload


Photography: Claudia Brijbag, Stephan Röhl, Miss Mary Moon


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