A List of Recent Works


“Goulash In the Bathtub” in Sophiensaele, Berlin


“Wellness Theatre” series


“Marshmellows in my toilet”in Sophiensaele Kantine






“The beast in me” in Dock 11 Berlin


“Moon” series with Mischa Badasyan in Kleiner Salon and Plateau Gallery, Berlin


“Peep Show” in Schwelle 7, Berlin


“Naked Yoga!” at 48 Stunden Neukölln


“Horror Ballett­dance at unusual Places”
at Funkhaus Grünau, Berlin


“Hitchhiking to Honolulu” at Frühperle






“Borbala and her Four Temptations”
in Sophiensaele Berlin


“Borbala Szente is dead­the Funeral”
in Schwelle7, Berlin


“The Great Vagina Show” in Plateau Gallery, Berlin


“I didnt know what I know now” suspension performance at GAPE Berlin






“The Vagina Monologues” in ACUD Theatre , Berlin


“The Big Berlin Dick Festival” in Greenhouse Berlin